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Monday, March 27, 2017

WWE Payback 2017 Update: Shane Mcmahon may fire AJ Styles after Payback

Shane Mcmahon may fire AJ Styles after Payback 2017 


WWE Payback 2017 will be live on 30th April 2017 and according to latest rumors, Shane Mcmahon may fire AJ Styles after Payback pay per view. The reason behind this is that AJ's contract is getting expired after this year's Payback and Styles has asked WWE for a temporary leave. So according to the demand of dramatic script, Shane will fire him in the ring just like Stephanie fired Mick Foley this week on RAW. 

A match is set between the two at Wrestlemania 33 after Styles blind hit Shane on past week Smackdown live show. Take a look the backstabbing. AJ hurls Shane Mcmahon through a car window:

This week Shane called AJ out in the ring to confront him of his actions. AJ was looking to make peace with junior Mcmahon by apologising for his actions. Things got worse when Shane started blasting over AJ after just entering the ring. Shane put AJ on the announce table and climbed up the ring post. The classic Shane jumped off the post directly onto AJ and dismantled him. He gave a clear message to WWE universe for a match at Wrestlemania 33. 

Let us know what do you think of this rivalry. Should officials allow AJ Styles to remain in the WWE after Payback 2017

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