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Sunday, March 19, 2017

WWE Payback 2017: Full Matches, Rumors, Theme Song and Review

WWE Payback 2017 Matches, Predictions, Rumors, Theme Song

WWE Payback 2017 is an upcoming live pay per view event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment for the RAW brand. Payback 2017 location has already been decided. It is going to be live on April 30 in SAP center, San Jose, California. This would be the first time in the history of Payback PPV that it will be held in the bay area of United States. 

Many people do not know that earlier Payback was known as Extreme Rules. The officials changed its name for a specific reason. It was rumored that "Extreme Rules" was very violent and brutal event and matches were planned accordingly. Most the matches were no disqualification matches. This allowed Wrestlers to use Tables, ladders, Chairs and even sticks to dismantle the opponent. Ratings for the event were started to fall because of such stipulations. Later on, Mr. Mcmahon changed its name to WWE Payback. This is Every year this is the first event after Wrestlemania pay per view.

Most of the matches and storyline for the Payback depend entirely on the Wrestlemania results. Since the name suggests, Payback is the revenge ground for the losers who could make a name for themselves at the grandest stage of them all. WWE Payback 2017 tickets are now available online if you want to see the live action on April 30.

WWE Payback (The Movie) Trailer:

Take a look at the last year's Payback movie trailer which induces John Cena, Wyatt Family, Triple H, Randy Orton and many other superstars. The highlight of the show was a "Last Man Standing" match between John Cena and Brock Lesnar. The Payback theme song was first introduced on 2013 as Hollywood Undead – “Another Way Out”. This year it is predicted that Snoop Dog is hired to make a brand new WWE Payback 2017 theme song.

WWE Payback 2017 Matches:

As we have already told you that most of the matches are decided according to the Wrestlemania results. The match card for the Wrestlemania 33 has already been made and rumors are hot in the market for the results. So, here are the expected matches you gonna see at SAP center. 

1.  Brock Lesnar Vs Goldberg ( No Disqualification Match)

Brock Lesnar Vs Goldberg

The biggest rivalry in the history of Wrestling is not going to end at Wrestlemania. In fact, the company has planned to take this story one step further. At Payback, there will be a no disqualification match between these two WWE Superstars. This means that they can be very brutal towards one another. What makes this match more interesting is that Brock Lesnar fears Goldberg-like no one else. This can be proven by looking at the Royal Rumbles 2017 results. It took Goldberg 10 minutes to defeat Lesnar with a frustrating spear. WWE fans would love to see the same action at Payback. According to officials, Goldberg Vs Brock Lesnar match not only attracts more visitors but also fetches huge ratings on the live telecast on the WWE network.  

2. Bray Wyatt Vs Randy Orton ( Wyatt Family Leadership Match)

Bray Wyatt Vs Randy Orton at Payback 2017

According to latest WWE Payback 2017 rumorsRandy Orton will challenge Bay Wyatt for a leadership match. How does this happen? This can be easily understood by the fact that everything is not right in the Wyatt family. After winning the WWE Championship title at Elimination Chambers, Bay has forgotten his role in his family. Being self-obsessed Luke Harper; member of Wyatt family; confronted him to leave the seat of leader. But now things are very clearer with the introduction of Randy into the family. At Payback, Randy is going to face Bray Wyatt once again to snatch the leadership title in an Iron-Man match.  

3. Roman Reigns Vs Braun Strowman

Roman Reigns Vs Braun Strowman at Payback 2017

Roman Reigns is set to take on the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33 pay per view. So how come the member of Wyatt family comes into the Payback 2017 matches pictures? The answer is clear. Braun Strowman will cost Roman Reigns his match at Wrestlemania because according to the script Undertaker will remain undefeated by a newbie at the biggest sports event of the year. Undertaker is a legendary superstar who has never lost at Wrestlemania except for once. McMahon and Undertaker are very close friends and they have now signed a pact in which he will not face any defeats at Wrestlemania events. Now Braun has some unfinished business with Roman so this allows officials to make a perfect storyline for WWE Payback 2017. Last week, Roman was backstabbed by Strowman when Shawn Micheals came to RAW to advise him on the Undertaker. Also, both the superstars have a massive fan following and they will get to see big body collision in the ring. 

4. John Cena Vs The Miz ( Submission Match)

John Cena Vs The Miz at Payback 2017

A much has been said about John by Miz on various talk shows. It's time to see some action between the two superstars. Although a tag team match has been fixed between the two but it seems that both the superstars would go one on one with each other at Payback 2017. The Things got worse when Miz called Cena a thief. Stating that he stole Dolph Ziggler's girlfriend he broke the internet. Officials saw the opportunity to make this a tag team matchup because Maryse got involved with John. Maryse slapped Cena in the ring and Nikki came out for a revenge. Do you want to see Nikki Vs Maryse match? Well here is a good news there will be a Lumberjack Match between these two WWE Divas too. It will be interesting to see how Miz can help her girlfriend out of this mess.

5. Bayley vs. Charlotte

Bayley vs. Charlotte at WWE Payback 2017

Talking about WWE RAW Women's Championship match, no one is better than Charlotte. Bayley will face Charlotte in a classic submission match up near the bay area. We think Charlotte deserves to face Bayley than any other in the locker room because she has earned this opportunity by defeating Sasha Banks on several occasions. Although she is quite new to the big brands of wrestling brands but has the potential to turn the tables upside down.  The match is entitled to be the Women's Championship match. Charlotte will use her father's submission move to retain the title once more or Bayley gets a Payback moment. We will get to know soon.

Summary on WWE Payback 2017 Pay Per View

This year's Payback is going to be very exciting because there are some big names on the list. WWE fans will get to see a similar storyline and action just like Wrestlemania 33. Recently Paige's private photos were leaked online which is why she won't be able to a part of this event. A member of "New Day" team was also involved in the act so fans will not be able to see them also. But with legendary superstars like John Cena, Randy Orton and GoldergWWE will easily pull off this event with a huge crowd.  

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